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Alignment Summary Table

alignment summary table

  • Defline The definition line for the hit sequence. It contains the sequence identification number from the source database (NCBI, EBI, etc.) and may include a description or the percent identity and percent coverage. The defline may link to more information about the hit sequence from its source database.

  • Length The length of the hit sequence in base pairs.

  • Scaffold The scaffold number (with the total number of bases in the scaffold, in parentheses) and the range of base numbers in the alignment (with the number of bases in the range in parentheses). Click the scaffold number to open the Scaffold Info page, where you can retrieve the sequence for the entire scaffold. Click the range of base numbers to view the sequence for the range in FASTA format with local alignments shown in red.

  • Other scaffolds hit by this sequence A link to Graphical Results from a BLAST of the hit sequence against the entire genome.

  • View on browser A link to the Genome Browser with the hit sequence highlighted in yellow.