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The Alignment Results Page: The Job Status Panel

After submitting an alignment search from the Query Page , The JGI Alignment Search application spawns parallel alignment jobs in order to complete your run. You can monitor the progress of these jobs using the Job Status Panel.

screenshot of Job Status table

Each row of the Job Status Panel represents a job : A search for your query sequence(s) within a single target database within a single genome. The "Status" column of the table indicates the progress of each job, either Initializing, Running, Completed or Error. The "Hits" column displays the number of alignment hits found in the given job for all query sequences in your run.

You may sort the job status table by organism, target database, job id, status, or hits by clicking on the corresponding column header. Clicking the column header additional times will toggle between ascending and descending sort, indicated by the small arrows next to the column name.

Viewing Raw Output

screenshot of Raw Output window

Clicking on Raw Output will open the raw output of the given job in a separate text window. The format of this output varies depending on the alignment program used for the corresponding job. For more information about raw output formats see:

Note that for certain combinations of database types and alignment programs, raw output is the only available format for viewing alignment results. These include Non-submitted Alignment Jobs.

Non-submitted Alignment Jobs

BLAST job status panel: nonsubmitted assemblies

In constructing the alignment search, you select a set of organisms as well as a set of target databases to search against within these organisms. However, for a given organism, each selected target database may not be available. The Non-submitted Alignment Jobs Table displays organism/database combinations that were not available for searching.