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Genome Search

Genome Search allows to easily search for genomes by keyword (e.g. plants, Eukaryota), name, taxonId or NCBI BioProject ID. Just start typing and a pull-down will appear with relevant search term choices. Then click Search to see a table of matching genomes (described in more detail here)

Just type in the search field and a list of suggestions will pop-up with relevant terms.

Please find below a filter that you can apply for the Genome Portals search results:

  1. Funding Program

    Not applicable

  2. Program Year

    Not applicable

  3. Taxonomy

    General categorization for the projects, including Archaea, Bacteria, Eukaryota, Metagenome, Plasmid and Virus.

  4. Scientific Program

    Not applicable

  5. Product Name

    Not applicable

image shows the table with search results for Genome Portals

Figure 1. Image shows the search results within Genome Portals by keyword "laccaria"

  • Organism Names link to corresponding Genome Portal resources. Links might represent the connections to MycoCosm, IMG and Phytozome genomes.
  • Click on a JGI Project Id link to go to the corresponding project.
  • Click on a Principal Investigator name to e-mail the P.I. for this project.
  • Taxonomy info items are linked to the NCBI Taxonomy Browser.
  • Click on a column header to sort the table accordingly.