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Viewing Maps of Reference Pathways

You can view a diagram or rendering of a reference pathway by clicking the MAP number on a list of enzymes or gene models for that pathway. In the diagrams, rectangles denote enzymes; rounded rectangles denote other reference pathways; and small circles denote compounds. Enzymes related to JGI-predicted genes are shown in red.

The map page offers links to other tools at Kyoto University. Data from these tools are not specific to the JGI-sequenced organism.

Quick Tips

  • To view results from a search of the Kyoto University link database, click Pathway menu.
  • To see information about orthologous enzymes in selected organisms, click Ortholog Table.
  • To view a diagram for the same pathway in a different organism, select an organism from the menu and click Go.

The map itself may contain links to Kyoto University's Genome Net for enzymes, compounds, and other reference pathways.

Quick Tip

  • To see the list of links for an enzyme, compound, or reference pathway, click its symbol on the map.