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Search Basics

To use the Advanced Search feature, follow these basic guidelines:

  • You can search with general terms (e.g. signaling, inositol, photosynthesis) or with GO, EC, IPR, or KOG codes (e.g., 5524,, IPR000760, KOG1417).
  • You can use an * as a wildcard anywhere except the beginning of a term. For example, silic* will catch "silica", "silicon", "silica-producing", etc.
  • By default, terms are joined together by a logical OR. The search returns all results that contain any of your search terms. If you want only results with all your terms, preface each term with +. For example, +silica +transporter returns only results with "silica" and "transporter". If you want to make sure terms are not included, use -. You can also use parentheses to group terms logically. For example, -cascade +(transporter signaling) returns results with "transporter" or "signaling" but not" cascade".
  • If you want to search for a phrase, e.g., "cell cycle", but don't want hits on "cell" or "cycle" alone, use quotation marks.
  • You can set the number of results reported per page by typing a number in the Results per page text box.

Quick Tips

  • Searches are NOT case sensitive.
  • By default, the database menu is set to search the organism version for the site you are currently viewing. You can search other release versions and organisms by changing the menu selection.