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Searching Specific Fields

In general, searching without specifying fields will work fine (your search will run against all fields by default). However, it is possible to restrict searches to look at only a certain field, or combination of fields. You can do this by specifying search terms in the form field:value. For example, go_id:213 returns information about transcripts annotated to GO ID 0000213.

  • name The user-assigned name for the gene or transcript.
  • autoname The automatically-assigned gene name.
  • defline The definition line.
  • transcript_id Numeric ID for this transcript (assigned automatically).
  • go_id, go_desc, ec_id, ec_desc Gene Ontology (GO) or Enzyme Commission (EC) codes or descriptions assigned to this gene (leave off the "GO000" and "EC:" prefixes)
  • ipr_id, ipr_desc InterPro codes and descriptions (e.g., IPR000146).
  • kog_id, kog_desc KOG ids and descriptions (e.g., KOG1417).

The allowed fields for homologous hit searches are:

  • deflineThe definition line of the hit sequence(if no field is specified, this is the default search field.
  • taxnameThe organism the hit sequence is derived from (e.g., Xenopus laevis, Bacillus halodurans).
  • transcript_idNumeric id for this gene (assigned automatically).
  • go_id, ec_id, ipr_desc, etc.The ontology fields discussed above.