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Protein Summary Information

  • Name JGI's name for the predicted gene. If the gene was predicted by another center, the name is the one assigned by that center.

  • Description A description of the gene, if one was provided by the annotator.

  • Best Hit The external protein with the best alignment to the translated gene (using the Smith-Waterman algorithm). Shown are the identification number and description of the protein, a score report, and in brackets, the organism name. The score report includes
  • model % The percentage of the translated gene that is aligned with the protein.

    hit % The percentage of the protein that is aligned with the translated gene.

    score The best alignment score obtained with the BLOSUM62 matrix.

    % ID The percentage of aligned regions that are identical in the translated gene and the protein

  • Best Hit (Database) The external protein with the best alignment from each of a selected subset of relevant databases (e.g., KEGG). The name of the database in which the hit was found is shown in parentheses. Identifying information and a score report are given as for the Best Hit.

  • Total hits (shown) The total number of hits found in external databases. The number in parentheses is the total number of such hits displayed below (grey alignment tracks).

Quick Tips

  • To change this setting, type a different number in the Hits field at the bottom of the screen and click Apply Filter.