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Tool Bar Browser Controls

Browser Formatting

  • Top Frame Height The height in pixels of the Navigation Features frame (when opened far enough to require no scroll bar).
  • Browser Width The width in pixels of the tracks and controls in the Genome Viewer (when opened far enough to require no scroll bar).
  • Font Size The relative size of fonts in the Genome Viewer.
  • Background Color RGB values for the background color of the Genome Viewer.
  • Track Height The height in pixels of each track in the Genome Viewer.
  • Base Position The location of the scale that shows base positions along the scaffold.
  • Guidelines Turns on or off display of vertical lines to aid determination of base positions in the tracks. (The line spacings are not related to the scale.)
  • Track Labels Sets the locations of track labels in the Genome Viewer. (Labels on the right are not currently available.)

Quick Tips

  • To apply formatting changes, make your selections and click the Refresh > button.
  • To hide the Tool Bar, click the Close button.

Browser Options

Recenter Options sets the browser's behavior (Zoom 3x, No Zoom, Zoom AA, Zoom NA) when you click a base position to move it to the center of the Genome Viewer.