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CAZymes • Mortierella gamsii AM1032 v1.0
Annotations/GenomesMoeNVP64_1MorAD185_1_1Morel2Morel_U14_1Morgam1Mormin1_1TotalAnnotation Description
303325333336190Auxiliary Activities family
363135333742214Carbohydrate-Binding Module family
271927302928160Carbohydrate Esterase family
1191311141371Distantly related to plant expansins
856688858388495Glycoside Hydrolase family
10496107106108105626Glycosyl Transferase family
32333317Glycosyltransferase Family 2
3339Polysaccharide Lyase Family 38
52654527Polysaccharide Lyase family