CAZymes • Tuber melanosporum Mel28 v1.0
Please note that this organism is for archival use only. Please see the current Tuber melanosporum Mel28 v1.2 site for the latest data and information.
Annotations/GenomesHebcy1Lacbi2Neucr1Oidma1Paxin1Tubme1TotalAnnotation Description
849713526189Auxiliary Activities family
168912426210Carbohydrate-Binding Module family
18223512895Carbohydrate Esterase family
356216Distantly related to plant expansins
11Glycoside Hydrolase Family 162
118550916186942Glycoside Hydrolase family
861267061343Glycosyl Transferase family
22329Glycosyltransferase Family 2
11Polysaccharide Lyase Family 33 / Subf 2
4136326Polysaccharide Lyase family