Transporters • Laccaria

Within the framework of the JGI Mycorrhizal Genomics Initiative (MGI), we are sequencing a phylogenetically and ecologically diverse suite of mycorrhizal fungi (Basidiomycota and Ascomycota), which include the major clades of symbiotic species associating with trees and woody shrubs. In addition, we are re-sequencing genomes of Laccaria bicolor to get insight into the historical microevolutionary forces driving the genomic evolution of symbiosis-related genes.

Annotations/GenomesLacam2Lacbi2LacbiD101_1TotalAnnotation Description
265307572Electrochemical Potential-driven Transporters
255297552Primary Active Transporters
171936Group Translocators
131730Transmembrane Electron Carriers
345690Accessory Factors Involved in Transport
105132237Incompletely Characterized Transport Systems