Transcription Factors • Gaertneriomyces semiglobifer Barr 43 v1.0
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Transcription Factors
7986351481812117Helix-loop-helix DNA-binding domain
528151531242111Response regulator receiver domain
48471810434805016186628Zinc finger, C2H2 type
65395107691688269532Zinc finger, C3HC4 type (RING finger)
951416121472014111bZIP transcription factor
181513681729178025282Fungal Zn(2)-Cys(6) binuclear cluster domain
181525261729163129206SNF2 family N-terminal domain
2216513720201321137Myb-like DNA-binding domain
42242742330Forkhead domain
2111421113'Cold-shock' DNA-binding domain
2121962326SRF-type transcription factor (DNA-binding and dimerisation domain)
14711171324142723150GATA zinc finger
21111221112Transcription factor TFIID (or TATA-binding protein, TBP)
1368121119152214120WW domain
815321756653HSF-type DNA-binding
16915101225161819140FHA domain
879203624111312140HMG (high mobility group) box
632144867656Zinc finger, ZZ type
421816342341294728278Acetyltransferase (GNAT) family
271513231243282727215Zinc finger C-x8-C-x5-C-x3-H type (and similar)
32334232426B-box zinc finger
111115Copper fist DNA binding domain
629181210514985BTB/POZ domain
556761166759Histone-like transcription factor (CBF/NF-Y) and archaeal histone
112AP2 domain
20819152519182219165SET domain
3243635329PAS fold
121111119G10 protein
23212321218Tub family
23333421324ARID/BRIGHT DNA binding domain
213223215NF-X1 type zinc finger
1269381716125115176MYND finger
1111111119TFIIE alpha subunit
11111211110CCAAT-binding transcription factor (CBF-B/NF-YA) subunit B
731911058751AT hook motif
2111421113STE like transcription factor
22233222220SWIB/MDM2 domain
11111117Transcriptional Coactivator p15 (PC4)
123RFX DNA-binding domain
1111111119Transcription initiation factor IIA, gamma subunit, helical domain
134E2F/DP family winged-helix DNA-binding domain
1451141171246JmjC domain, hydroxylase
22112422218Paired amphipathic helix repeat
1111111119Transcription initiation factor IIA, gamma subunit
1111116DDT domain
42262747640MIZ/SP-RING zinc finger
11215C5HC2 zinc finger
224FAR1 DNA-binding domain
11221112213SART-1 family
1111111119PHF5-like protein
21212322217Transcription initiation factor TFIID subunit A
1111111119Transcription factor Tfb2
22222523222BSD domain
3323333323CBF/Mak21 family
2111133113CCR4-Not complex component, Not1
11111211110Cell differentiation family, Rcd1-like
51012473863314138Fungal specific transcription factor domain
32222632224NOT2 / NOT3 / NOT5 family
112Putative FMN-binding domain
426KilA-N domain
22Sigma-70 region 2
2114YABBY protein
22233222220SNF5 / SMARCB1 / INI1
1111111119Transcriptional repressor TCF25
1111111119RNA pol II accessory factor, Cdc73 family, C-terminal
4122741223NDT80 / PhoG like DNA-binding family
11YL1 nuclear protein
112Homeobox KN domain
111111129MED7 protein
32414532327CH-like domain in sperm protein
11111211110SGT1 protein
112PA14 domain
5375979550Basic region leucine zipper
11112118Brf1-like TBP-binding domain
11111117TFIIH C1-like domain
11111117Apoptosis-antagonizing transcription factor, C-terminal
2111421113Sin3 family co-repressor
11121118Multiprotein bridging factor 1
23334217TFIIS helical bundle-like domain
11HMG-box domain
112pre-mRNA splicing factor component
6713Zinc-finger double-stranded RNA-binding
22Transcriptional activator of glycolytic enzymes
268Zinc-finger of C2H2 type
448Acetyltransferase (GNAT) domain
336Concanavalin A-like lectin/glucanases superfamily
22Acetyltransferase (GNAT) domain
123RING-type zinc-finger
325Acetyltransferase (GNAT) domain
112Acetyltransferase (GNAT) domain
11Acetyltransferase (GNAT) domain
254368Ring finger domain
22Acetyltransferase (GNAT) domain
11PHD-like zinc-binding domain
134PHD-zinc-finger like domain
11Myb/SANT-like DNA-binding domain
131831C2H2-type zinc finger
33C2H2-type zinc finger
235zinc-finger of a C2HC-type
10717Zinc finger, C3HC4 type (RING finger)
5611Myb-like DNA-binding domain
9716Zinc finger, C3HC4 type (RING finger)
112RNA-binding, Nab2-type zinc finger
325zinc-RING finger domain
112Williams-Beuren syndrome DDT (WSD), D-TOX E motif