1000 Fungal Genomes

This project aims to provide genomic information for every family of fungi. The list below includes sequenced fungal genomes, those in progress, and selected nominations. You can log in and nominate new species for genome sequencing in the families with no (green) or only one (yellow) reference genome if you can provide DNA/RNA samples for their sequencing (see JGI User Guidelines). If you know additional fungal species being sequenced somewhere but not reflected on this list, please register these projects in GOLD (use Add to GOLD link) or let us know.
Phylum Subphylum Class Order Family
Found 6 families, 14 genome project(s), 13 nomination(s).
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The species that have been nominated for sequencing by community are marked with asterisk.

Phylum name
Subphylum name
Class name
Order name
Family name
Genome Projects
ZoopagomycotaEntomophthoromycotinaIncertae sedisEntomophthoralesAncylistaceae
Conidiobolus coronatus WGS Joseph Spatafora, Oregon State University
* Conidiobolus firmipilleus Resequencing
* Conidiobolus heterosporus Resequencing
Conidiobolus incongruus WGS
* Conidiobolus lamprauges Resequencing
* Conidiobolus megalotocus Resequencing
* Conidiobolus osmodes Resequencing
* Conidiobolus pumilus Resequencing
* Conidiobolus rhysosporus Resequencing
ZoopagomycotaEntomophthoromycotinaIncertae sedisEntomophthoralesCompletoriaceae
None sequenced
ZoopagomycotaEntomophthoromycotinaIncertae sedisEntomophthoralesEntomophthoraceae
* Entomophaga maimaga nominated Andrii Gryganskyi, Duke University
* Entomophaga maimaiga WGS
* Entomophthora muscae WGS Henrik De Fine Licht, University of Copenhagen
ZoopagomycotaEntomophthoromycotinaIncertae sedisEntomophthoralesIncertae sedis
* Basidiobolus meristosporus WGS Jason Stajich, University of California Riverside
* Conidiobolus thromboides WGS Jason Stajich, University of California Riverside
* Zoophthora radicans WGS Jason Stajich, University of California Riverside
ZoopagomycotaEntomophthoromycotinaIncertae sedisEntomophthoralesMeristacraceae
None sequenced
ZoopagomycotaEntomophthoromycotinaIncertae sedisEntomophthoralesNeozygitaceae
None sequenced