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Fugu genome data release policy (October 26, 2001)

As a public service, the draft assembly of the Fugu rubripes genome, as well as the raw sequencing data that contributed to the assembly, is being made available by the Fugu Genome Consortium before scientific publication. The Fugu Genome Consortium reserves the exclusive right to publish, in a timely manner, the assembly and sequence of the fugu genome along with an initial genome-scale analysis. Reserved analyses include the identification of complete sets of genomic features such as genes, gene families, regulatory elements, repeat structures, GC content, etc., and the identification of regions of evolutionary conservation across the entire genome.

The data may be freely downloaded and used by all users who respect the restrictions of the previous paragraph. The assembly and raw sequence reads should not be redistributed or repackaged without permission from the Fugu Genome Consortium.

The Fugu Genome Consortium encourages the use of the Fugu genome sequence for the comparative analysis of individual genes and genomic regions. To this end, Fugu genome browsers with preliminary annotations are being made available on the web by the Consortium at JGI and Singapore, and the draft sequence will be deposited prior to publication in public databases. Publications using the Fugu genome sequence for the analysis of individual genes and genomic regions should include the acknowledgement "This data has been provided freely by the Fugu Genome Consortium for use in this publication/correspondence only."


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