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What's New in 5.0

Take a peek below for some of the exciting new features available with the JGI Genome Portal version 5.0! If you are new to the portal, you might also want to check out the new features from our previous release here.

"Program" sites
Check out the new JGI "Program" sites, centralized hubs for tools, data and genome project information related to the four scientific programs at the JGI.
The newest Program site, Mycocosm , features a graphical browser that allows users to access genome portals and clustering results by selecting nodes on the fungal phlyogenetic tree.
screenshot of Program sites and Mycocosm

Protein pages at your finger tips from within the Browser
Mouse over a gene model in the Genome Browser and you will now see a convenient "tooltip" pop-up displaying a preview of the protein page!
screenshot of Genome browser tooltips

Improved performance
Significant changes under the hood make the Genome Portal 5.0 faster and better able to serve the increasing volume of portal data and traffic. Load times are now at least 30% faster for most portal pages.

And more...
  • Sort, share, and determine the browser display-order of your custom tracks from the improved My Tracks page.
  • Upload custom tracks using the BedGraph format.
  • Link directly from Advanced Search results to protein pages via the protein id.
  • In the DNA sequence viewer, see highlighting to indicate the transcribed frame of a coding sequence in 3-frame translation mode.