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Amylocorticium subincarnatum
Amylocorticium subincarnatum photographed in the field. Origin of the strain used for genome sequencing (collection Otto Miettinen 19252). [Photo credit: Otto Miettinen]

This genome was sequenced as part of the JGI CSP "1000 Fungal Genomes – Deep Sequencing of Ecologically-relevant Dikarya" project. Within the framework of this project, we are sequencing keystone lineages of saprophytic, mycorrhizal, and endophytic fungi that are of special ecological importance. Dozens of sequenced species were harvested from Long Term Observatories to serve as the foundation for a reference database for metagenomics of fungi and for a comprehensive survey of the soil fungal metatranscriptome.

Amylocorticium subincarnatum

Amylocorticium subincarnatum is a corticioid fungus that inhabits conifer trunks throughout boreal and temperate coniferous forests of the Northern Hemisphere. Among fungi with effused corticioid fruiting bodies A. subincarnatum is one of the easiest to identify, having a rosy-yellowish underside and amyloid spores (grey in iodine) under the microscope. Though widespread, the species has been impacted by logging, and strongly favours old-growth forests with abundant dead wood. Several European countries have entered it on their national red lists (EN in Croatia, Norway and Sweden, VU in Finland).

Amylocorticium subincarnatum is evidently a brown-rot fungus and belongs to the order Amylocorticiales (Binder et al. 2010). This order contains both white-rot and brown-rot fungi and offers a good target for studying evolution of wood decay.

The genome sequenced strains was collected from a fallen spruce (Picea abies) trunk in the Pyhä-Häkki National Park in central Finland.

The 1KFG project is a large collaborative effort aiming for master publication(s). Please do contact the PI for 1KFG - Deep Sequencing of Ecologically-relevant Dikarya (Dr. Francis Martin) for permission prior to the use of any data in publications.


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