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Aspegillus phoenicis ATCC 13157
Aspegillus phoenicis ATCC 13157 photo provided by John Gladden
Photo of Aspergillus niger (phoenicis Corda) Thom ATCC 13157 v1.0



Understanding how cellular machinery can be altered to promote enhanced expression and secretion of native enzymes is of great importance to biotechnology. On a broader perspective, characterization of fungal secretion mechanisms is also for scientific fields, such as investigations into fungal pathogenicity. In industry and in the lab, enhanced production of enzymes is often achieved through mutagenesis and selection for enzyme hyperproducer mutants. One such Aspergillus lineage, Parent ATCC 13157; Mutants ATCC 15555 and ATCC 15556, has been generated for the hyperproduction of an important enzyme glucoamylase. Sequencing of each strain in the lineage will enable the identification of the genomic changes that endow the mutants with the hyperproduction phenotype. Identification of these gemomic lesions will help elucidate the mechanisms behind enzyme hyperproduction.

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