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The genome of Botryosphaeria dothidea was not sequenced by the JGI but by the Oregon State University. For more information, contact Prof. Dr. Joseph Spatafora. JGI tools were used to automatically annotate predicted proteins.

Summary statistics for the Botryosphaeria dothidea v1.0 release are below.
Genome Assembly
Genome Assembly size (Mbp) 43.50
Sequencing read coverage depth
# of contigs 3301
# of scaffolds 1711
# of scaffolds >= 2Kbp 1028
Scaffold N50 146
Scaffold L50 (Mbp) 0.09
# of gaps 1590
% of scaffold length in gaps 0.7%
Three largest Scaffolds (Mbp) 0.47, 0.41, 0.39

Gene Models ExternalModels
length (bp) of: average median
gene 1803 1449
transcript 1581 1272
exon 473 279
intron 97 61
protein length (aa) 527 424
exons per gene 3.34 3
# of gene models 14998


Joseph Spatafora, Oregon State University
Pedro Crous, CBS Fungal Biodiversity Centre, Utrecht, The Netherlands
Bernard Slippers, Forestry and Agricultural Biotechnology Institute (FABI), University of Pretoria, Republic of South Africa

Genome Reference(s)


This project was not sequenced at the JGI.