Info • Cladosporium fulvum v1.0


The genome of Cladosporium fulvum was not sequenced by the JGI but by Wageningen University in The Netherlands. Genes were predicted using Genemark. For more information, please contact Pierre de Wit. The predicted genes were annotated using the JGI fungal genome annotation pipeline.

Summary statistics for the Cladosporium fulvum v1.0 release are below.
Genome Assembly
Genome Assembly size (Mbp} 61.11
Sequencing read coverage depth unknown
# of contigs 5382
# of scaffolds 4865
# of scaffolds >= 2Kbp 2664
Scaffold N50 250
Scaffold L50 (Mbp) 0.06
# of gaps 517
% of scaffold length in gaps 0.5%
Three largest Scaffolds (Mbp) 0.53, 0.53, 0.33

Gene Models ExternalModels
length (bp) of: average median
gene 1416 1149
transcript 1295 1053
exon 595 336
intron 104 58
protein length (aa) 432 351
exons per gene 2.18 2
# of gene models 14127


Pierre de Wit, Wageningen University 
Igor Grigoriev, DOE Joint Genome Institute

Genome Reference(s)


This project was not sequenced at the JGI.