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Photo of Clitocybe sp. JGI1119283 v1.0
Strain OKM 7240 sample [Image credit: Jon Magnuson]

This genome was sequenced as part of the JGI CSP "1000 Fungal Genomes – Deep Sequencing of Ecologically-relevant Dikarya" project. Within the framework of this project, we are sequencing keystone lineages of saprophytic, mycorrhizal, and endophytic fungi that are of special ecological importance. Dozens of sequenced species were harvested from Long Term Observatories to serve as the foundation for a reference database for metagenomics of fungi and for a comprehensive survey of the soil fungal metatranscriptome.

This project was originally conceived around Lyophyllum montanum OKM 7240 but extracted ITS from reassembled ribosomal content suggested otherwise. Lyophyllum montanum is considered a synonym of Clitocybe glaciales.1 However, both ITS and UNITE barcoding identification was inconclusive. The most significant match to ITS vs UNITE was 97.8% to Clitocybe sp. 4 PA-2015 voucher AH42906.

Clitocybe species (order Agaricales, family Tricholomataceae) are primarily saprotrophic and decompose logs, twigs, cones, and organic debris.2 These are one of several "snowbank mushrooms" found in late Spring through mid-Summer in Northwestern USA and Alberta, Canada, associated with melting snow along snowbanks at high elevation.3


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