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Copromyces sp. CBS 386.78
Copromyces sp. CBS 386.78 ascogones. Photo credit: Philippe Silar

Copromyces sp CBS 386.78 Minimal Draft

Copromyces is a small, monotypic genus of coprophilous fungi belonging to the family Sordariaceae (Sordariales). It is a rare genus characterized by non-ostiolate ascomata (cleistothecia) (1). Strain CBS 386.78 does not seem to belong to the only species of the genus, C. bisporus, but to another, not yet described species. It is sometimes incorrectly referred to as C. octosporus, an invalid species (2). Strain CBS 386.78 was isolated from goat dung in the Salta province of Argentina.


(1) Avila, A. E. D., Chávez, A. J. P., & García, L. M. U. (2002). Copromyces bisporus, a new record from Venezuela. Revista Científica, 12(1), 12-14.

(2) Cai, L., Jeewon, R., & Hyde, K. D. (2006). Phylogenetic investigations of Sordariaceae based on multiple gene sequences and morphology. Mycological research, 110(2), 137-150.

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