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Coprinopsis cinerea growing in the lab
Coprinopsis cinerea growing in the lab.
Image Credit: László Nagy

The Coprinopsis cinerea AmutBmut v2.0 genome was sequenced under the auspices of CSP project 504417, which aims to produce chromosome-level assemblies for widely used model organisms, many of which were first sequenced using Illumina technology and have fragmented genome assemblies.

The gene models of this assembly were imported from Laszlo Nagy's group, and were produced by a combination of Nanopore cDNA sequencing, QuantSeq 3' mRNA sequencing followed by manual correction and verification of gene models.

C. cinerea is a complex multicellular fungus that produces highly integrated fruiting bodies, with a genetically encoded developmental program. The development of fruiting bodies is one of the most complex morphogenetic processes in the fungal world and is also biotechnologically relevant due to increasing interest in both edible mushroom production and medicinally active metabolites extractable from mushroom fruiting bodies. Therefore, we expect that this highly contiguous PacBio-based assembly of the C. cinerea AmutBmut strain will facilitate research in several directions across several research labs and multiple continents.