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Photo of Corynascus novoguineensis CBS 359.72 v1.0
Credits: Astrid Mueller, Fungal Physiology, Westerdijk Fungal Biodiversity Institute, The Netherlands.

Corynascus novoguineensis CBS 359.72 was sequenced as a part of the CSP2012 Project 692 “A Phylogenomic Framework to Investigate Fungal Thermophily”.

Thermophily has arisen independently in two orders of the Ascomycota, the Sordariales and Eurotiales. Within the Sordariales, thermophily appears to be restricted to specific lineages of the Chaetomiaceae, an important group in industry and carbon cycling in nature. Our goal is to identify genomic and regulatory changes underlying the evolutionary shift from mesophily to thermophily.

This project will combine comparative genomics and transcriptomics—employing thermophilic, mesophilic, and cold-tolerant members of the Chaetomiaceae - to investigate the molecular basis of fungal thermophily. It will leverage recent advances in genomics of the fungal order Sordariales and knowledge of the distribution and ecology of species in the family Chaetomiaceae.

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