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Echria macrotheca
Echria macrotheca PSN4. Photo credit: Philippe Silar

Echria macrotheca PSN4 Minimal Draft

Echria belongs to the family Schizotheciaceae. Echria macrotheca is a coprophilous species with a global distribution. It is characterized by a long-pointed tuft of agglutinated rigid hairs on the ascomata. PSN4 has never fruited in culture but its ITS sequence is identical to the one published for Echria macrotheca. The sequenced strain of Echria macrotheca PSN4 was isolated from an ascus found on a leaf of a potted Mentha plant purchased at Quai de la Megisserie in Paris, France.


Kruys, A., S. M. Huhndorf, et al. (2015). "Coprophilous contributions to the phylogeny of Lasiosphaeriaceae and allied taxa within Sordariales (Ascomycota, Fungi)." Fungal Diversity 70: 101-113.

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