Info • Gymnopilus junonius AH 44721 v1.0


(Jul 2016) The Gymnopilus junonius AH 44721 genome was sequenced using Illumina and PacBio technology and assembled with Falcon, polished with Quiver, and annotated with the JGI annotation pipeline. The mitochondrial genome was assembled separately and is available in the downloads section.

The JGI annotation pipeline identified 4,588 gene models as possible diploid alleles, and excluded them from the filtered model/gene catalog set. These models are shown in the track "secondary_alleles", and are available from the download page.

Summary statistics for the Gymnopilus junonius AH 44721 v1.0 release are below.
Genome Assembly
Genome Assembly size (Mbp) 59.46
Sequencing read coverage depth 101.97x
# of contigs 1174
# of scaffolds 1174
# of scaffolds >= 2Kbp 1132
Scaffold N50 95
Scaffold L50 (Mbp) 0.15
# of gaps 0
% of scaffold length in gaps 0.0%
Three largest Scaffolds (Mbp) 1.66, 1.37, 0.82

ESTs Data set # sequences total # mapped to genome % mapped to genome
EstClusters ESTclusters 73806 70880 96.0%
Ests est.fasta 204345405 198512144 97.1%

Gene Models FilteredModels1
length (bp) of: average median
gene 1650 1383
transcript 1317 1097
exon 226 141
intron 71 58
protein length (aa) 382 305
exons per gene 5.83 5
# of gene models 16444


José María Barrasa, Universidad de Alcalá, Spain

Genome Reference(s)


The work conducted by the U.S. Department of Energy Joint Genome Institute is supported by the Office of Science of the U.S. Department of Energy under Contract No. DE-AC02-05CH11231.