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H. valbyensis cells grown in YM media.
Hanseniaspora valbyensis cells. Bar = 10 µm. H. valbyensis cells grown in YM media. Image credit: RL Vannette.

Hanseniaspora valbyensis (from floral nectar)
Typically found in traditional balsamic vinegar and cider fermentations (1,2), Hanseniaspora valbyensis is considered a common opportunist in floral nectar (3). This strain of Hanseniaspora valbyensis was isolated from nectar of sticky monkey-flower (Diplacus aurantiacus). While H. valbyensis can tolerate stressful environments such as nectar, it persists better in benign nectar environments (4). Hanseniaspora valbyensis is a poor competitor compared to other nectar yeasts such as Metschnikowia reukaufii, Candida rancensis and Starmerella bombicola (4).


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