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Leucogyrophana mollusca. Photo by Yeongseon Jang (Korea University). Scale bar = 1 cm

Within the 1000 Fungal Genomes project, the genome of Leucogyrophana mollusca, wood decomposer found in very advanced stage of wood decay has been sequenced. Leucogyrophana belongs to the Boletales, which include Coniophora, Pisolithus, Paxillus, etc. The Boletales is an order of Agaricomycetes containing over 1300 species with a diverse array of fruiting body types. The genus Leucogyrophana is only species nominated in family Hygrophoropsidaceae of 1000 fungal genome project. This species has resupinate fruitbody and meruloid hymenophore. Recent phylogenetic analysis confirmed that this species belongs to  Hygrophoropsidaceae family. Understanding of the genetic background of fruiting body formation can inform experiments to improve commercial mushroom production.

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