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Photo of Metschnikowia viticola Y813 v1.0
M. viticola type strains (NCAIM Y.01705) on 5% malt extract agar, 25°C, 3 days. Image Credit: Gabor Peter

Commonly associated with grape surfaces, Metschnikowia viticola (Saccharomycetales: Metshnikowiaceae) is a diploid ascomycete yeast, and has recently been considered to represent the telemorph of Candida kofuensis (1). M. viticola forms two needle shaped ascospores from chlamydospores, a feature common to most Metschnikowiaceae yeasts. It is also sometimes isolated from floral nectar.

The sequenced strain was isolated from the nectar of sticky monkeyflower (Diplacus aurantiacus) in Sweeney Ridge, California in 2015 (2).


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