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Mucor racemosus. Image by Annie Lebreton.
Mucor racemosus. Image by Annie Lebreton.

The genome of Mucor racemosus f. racemosus UBOCC-A-109155 was not sequenced at JGI. Rather, it was sequenced and annotated by the Jany lab at the Université de Bretagne Occidentale and was imported into MycoCosm for comparative purposes. Please note that this copy of the genome is not maintained by the Jany lab and therefore is not automatically updated.

Mucor racemosus f. racemosus UBOCC-A-109155 was originally isolated as a cheese contaminant by Antoine Hermet in 2010. The Mucor genus (Mucoromycota, Mucorales, Mucoraceae) is currently classified in the Mucoromycota phylum (Spatafora et al., 2017). M. racemosus produces brownish sporangia borne on monopodially or sympodially branched sporangiophores. It also produces abundant chlamydospores. M. racemosus is heterothallic (de Hoog et al., 2000). M. racemosus f. racemosus may be commonly isolated from food and environmental samples and contrarily to M. racemosus f. sphaerosporus, it has already been reported as involved in human infections (see Walther et al., 2013). The whole genome of M. racemosus f. racemosus UBOCC-A-109155 will provide key information to shed new light on early diverging fungi evolution.


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