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Mycena latifolia
Photo credit: Arne Aronsen

The genome of Mycena latifolia was sequenced as part of the Mycenaceae sequencing project and the overarching JGI 1000 Fungal Genomes project “Deep Sequencing of Ecologically-relevant Dikarya“ (CSP 1974). This project will examine members of the Mycena genus to evaluate the genomic basis of their different nutritional modes.

The sideshoot bonnet, Mycena latifolia

M. latifolia is a member of the Intermediae section of the Mycena family (Maas Geesteranus 1988). This species has been reported from many countries across Europe, but not elsewhere, and it is not commonly found. The culture was isolated from a fruitbody found in the UK by Juliet Frankland in the early 1980s. Unfortunately, further details of the collection and isolation have been lost. The culture is kept at and can be obtained from the James Hutton Institute, Aberdeen, Scotland.

Pileus is 0.5-2.5 cm in diameter, parabolical/conical to bell-like, characteristically translucent and striated, especially when wet, and with blackish brown to dark brown colours with whitish margin. Stipe is 2-7 cm, hollow, with greyish, brownish or whitish colours. Lamellae are greyish-white and decurrent. M. latifolia grows predominantly in open grassland (though occasionally on coniferous litter), and we singled it out for sequencing for this ecological feature in contrast to the other predominantly wood- or litter-inhabiting species in Mycena sensu stricto.

This genome was derived from dikaryotic (diploid) pure culture on MEA agar with ampicilin and benomyl and should be free of xenobiotic contaminations. Researchers who wish to use data from unpublished Mycena genomes for publication are respectfully required to contact the PI and JGI to avoid potential conflicts on data use and coordinate other publications with the Mycena master paper(s).


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