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Mycena rebaudengoi
The actual collection that has been cultured and subsequently sequenced. Photo credit: Christoffer Bugge Harder.

The genome of Mycena rebaudengoi was sequenced as part of the Mycenaceae sequencing project and the overarching JGI 1000 Fungal Genomes project “Deep Sequencing of Ecologically-relevant Dikarya“ (CSP 1974). This project will examine members of the Mycena genus to evaluate the genomic basis of their different nutritional modes.

Mycena rebaudengoi

Mycena rebaudengoi
is a member of the Filipedes section (Aronsen and Læssøe 2016, Robich 2016). It was originally described by Robich (2000) with the misapplied species epithet « rebaudengi », and later corrected to rebaudengoi, in recognition of the Italian mycologist Ernesto Rebaudengo. It grows on decaying leaves and twigs, under Rubus, in mixed deciduous woods (Carpinus betulus, Fagus, Quercus pubescens) and on lawns (Robich 2009). The collection for this culture was sampled in a mixed forest with Quercus, Corylus and Picea section of the Vettakollåsen forest in southeast Norway. The species was described from Switzerland (Robich 2000), and very little is known about its distribution and occurence in the rest of Europe.

This genome was derived from a dikaryotic (diploid) pure culture. M. rebaudengoi bears genetic resemblance to several sequences found in high throughput sequencing studies of living roots of mycorrhizal host plants (e.g. Pinus), which is a surprising place for a supposed saprotroph. We sequenced it in order to elucidate whether its genomic architecture can provide information of its true ecology.

Researchers who wish to use data from unpublished Mycena genomes for publication are respectfully required to contact the PI and JGI to avoid potential conflicts on data use and coordinate other publications with the Mycena master paper(s).


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