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Parapyrenis maritima CBS 538.93
Parapyrenis maritima CBS 538.93, scale of petri dish = 9cm. Photo credit: Jérôme Collemare

The Requienellaceae family has barely been studied, likely because of the difficulties to place this family in the fungal tree of life. While previously classified in the Dothideomycetes or Eurotiomycetes, molecular data showed that this family belongs to the important order of Xylariales, which comprises endophytic, plant pathogenic, and wood-associated fungal species. Major interest in these fungi is due to their impact on plant health, and their great potential for bioactive compound production and for biofuel applications.

Parapyrenis maritima CBS 538.93 is the type strain of this species which belongs to the Requinellaceae based on molecular information obtained at the Westerdijk Fungal Biodiversity Institute. This strain was isolated from wood in a coastal forest of Papua New Guinea (in Madang Province, Laing Island in Hansa Bay near Bogia). In contrast to previous classifications, phylogenetic analysis based on the newly sequenced genome indicates that Parapyrenis maritima belongs to the order Hypocreales, suggesting that its taxonomic positioning must be revised accordingly. Sequencing of the P. maritima genome will advance the 1000 Fungal Genomes Project by providing a representative genome of the Requienellaceae family.