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Phialemonium sp. UNK
Thyridium sp. CBS 149464. Photo credit: Jérôme Collemare

The genus Thyridium (synonym Phialemoniopsis) comprises fungi with diverse lifestyles, including saprobes and hemibiotrophic plant pathogens, and from diverse environments like water, fuel, soil and human skin. The habitat flexibility of species in this genus makes them attractive to degrade diverse substrates. Yet, they are poorly studied, and their potential for enzyme and metabolite production remains unknown. The taxonomic position of this genus remains unclear, which prevents accurate comparison studies and indicates it has been neglected so far. The genome of Thyridium sp. CBS 149464 will not only be useful to accurately place this genus in the fungal tree of life, but it will also indicate the potential to degrade various substrates and to produce bioactive secondary metabolites.