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Phlebia sucretacea fruiting bodies
Phlebia sucretacea fruiting bodies photographed in the field in Finnmark, Norway (collection Otto Miettinen 13530.2) [Photo credit: Otto Miettinen]

In the “1KFG: Deep Sequencing of Ecologically-relevant Dikarya” project (CSP1974), we are sequencing keystone lineages of plant-interacting fungi and saprophytic fungi that are of special ecological importance for understanding terrestrial ecosystems. In addition, comparative genome analysis with saprotrophic, mycorrhizal and pathogenic fungi will provide new insights into the specific and conserved adaptations associated with each fungal lifestyle.

Phlebia subcretacea OMC74

Phlebia subcretacea is a corticioid wood-inhabiting fungus, i.e. it forms effused, smooth fruiting bodies on dead wood. The species is widely distributed in Europe but rather rare, found in the mountains towards the south (Eriksson et al. 1981, Bernicchia & Gorjón 2010). Like most other species of Phlebia sensu lato, it causes extensive white rot in its substrate.

The species has few microscopic characters, so it has proven difficult to confirm its true relationship with traditional means. It clearly belongs to the class Agaricomycetes, but DNA data available prior to this genome have indicated that the species is quite isolated within the class. The genome will help to resolve its correct affinities and inform any required taxonomic changes. Such isolated taxa are invaluable in phylogenomic reconstructions of evolutionary history of the Agaricomycetes.

The polysporic genome strain derives from the Jordstøyp Nature Reserve in Southern Norway, where it was growing on a felled, decayed spruce trunk.

Researchers who wish to publish analyses using data from unpublished CSP genomes are respectfully required to contact the PI and JGI to avoid potential conflicts on data use and coordinate other publications with the CSP master paper(s).


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