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Home • Protomyces lactucaedebilis 12-1054 v1.0
Photo of Protomyces lactucaedebilis 12-1054 v1.0
Protomyces lactucaedebilis PHAFF 12-1054 on YM.
Image Credit: Mark Butcher

The Protomyces lactucaedebilis genome was sequenced as part of the 1000 Fungal Genomes Project.

Protomyces is a budding yeast in the Taphrinomycotina (Taphrinomycetes) with ovoidal to elongate cells. Budding is on a narrow base near the poles of the cells. Ascospores are formed in infected plant tissues. Infection is thought to occur only by hyphae, but hyphal growth morphology is not seen in cultures.

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