Info • Schizophyllum commune v1.0
Please note that this organism is for archival use only. Please see the current Schizophyllum commune H4-8 v3.0 site for the latest data and information.


v.1.0 (March,2009): The assembly release version 1.0 of whole genome shotgun reads was constructed with Arachne, using paired end sequencing reads at an average coverage of ~8.29X. After trimming for vector and quality, 506,140 reads assembled into 36 main genome scaffolds totaling 38.5 MB. Roughly half of the genome is contained in 5 scaffolds all at least 2.5 MB in length.

The current draft release, version 1.0, includes a total of 13,181 gene models predicted and functionally annotated using the JGI annotation pipeline.



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">Genome sequence of the model mushroom Schizophyllum commune.

Nature Biotech. 2010 Sep;28(9):957-63