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Schizothecium conicum
Neck of Schizothecium conicum perithecium. Photo credit: Philippe Silar

Schizothecium conicum SC1-Ups Minimal Draft

Schizothecium conicum is a widespread coprophilous fungus of the order Sordariales. It is also known as Podospora conica, Cercophora conica or Podospora curvula. It is heterothallic with a bipolar mating type. It grows and fruits well on artificial media. The sequenced strain was isolated from cow dung in grass-covered pasture, near Uppsala, Sweden.


Bell, A. and D. P. Mahoney (1995). "Coprophilous Fungi in New Zealand. I. Podospora Species with Swollen Agglutinated Perithecial Hairs." Mycologia 87(3): 375-396.

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