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Sparassis latifolia CCMJ1100  photoed by Lili Shu
Sparassis latifolia CCMJ1100 photoed by Lili Shu

Sparassis latifolia belongs to the family of Sparassisidaceae. There is only a single genus (Sparassis) in the Sparassisidaceae, and about 7 species within the genus. These fungi have important nutritional, medicinal and economic values. For example, they are a rich source of 1,3-β-glucan, which has been shown to be capable of preventing stroke, hypertension and some other diseases.

Members of Sparassis are distributed under trees of conifers in the subtropic alpine and temperate regions in China, Japan, and the Russian Far East. Despite its high values and uniqueness, very little is known about its genetics and development, including its interactions with host plants and with the wider environment. Only one mutant strain in this genus can be cultivated and this kind of fungi only be found under the conifer and connect with the un-suberized root of the live tree. Genomics may help us learn whether Sparassis latifolia is mycorrhizal or saprophytic, and about its divergent evolution.