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Photo of Suillus spraguei EM44 v1.0
Photo credit: Rytas Vilgalys at Duke U.

Suillus pictus (Peck) (Smith & Thiers) is an ectomycorrhizal mushroom-forming fungus in the family Boletaceae. Fruiting bodies of S. pictus have bright reddish caps covered with dry red hairs, enlarged radial pores, whitish cottony partial veil remnants on stipe, and stipe covered by reddish hairs similar to cap. S. pictus fruits under 5-needle (white) pines and is widely distributed across eastern North America, and also occurs in eastern Asia (Japan, China). Based on molecular systematics, its closest related species is S. decipiens, which preferentially fruits under 2-3 needle (yellow, or hard) pines.



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