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Photo of Typhula sp. TRa3160C v1.0
A sclerotium and hyphal aggregates of Typhula sp. on solid agar medium. [Image credit: Ibai Olariaga, King Juan Carlos University, Spain]

This is an undescribed species of Typhula that is only known from the Northern Norwegian mainland and the Arctic archipelago of Svalbard. Sclerotia, structures that fungi form to survive in environmental extremes, of Typhula sp. TRa3160C are found on fronds of Fucales (Phaeophyceae) algae that have been washed ashore and lie decaying at high tide mark or further up on the beach. Typhula sp. TRa3160C is readily cultured and forms fruiting bodies on solid medium. The habitat on decaying algal material indicates that the fungus produces enzymes that decompose complex algal biomass, which makes Typhula sp. TRa3160C a candidate species for algal-based biofuel production. The genome sequence is needed in ongoing biosystematics and applied research work focusing on enzyme and bioactive molecules from algae-associated fungi.