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Vermiculariopsiella pediculata
Vermiculariopsiella pediculata CBS 132484. Photo credit: Lucas Bonometti, INRAE.

Vermiculariopsiella pediculata CBS132484 Minimal Draft

Vermiculariopsiella pediculata, formerly known as Gyrothrix pediculata, is a saprobic fungus of which only an asexual lifestyle is known. Vermiculariopsiella spp. form their own family, Vermiculariopsiellaceae, inside their own order, Vermiculariopsiellales (1). They were previously thought to belong in the Chaetosphaeriales. The current placement of the genus Vermiculariopsiella is still debated and needs to be confirmed using molecular data. Strain CBS 132484 was isolated from the rotten leaf of an unidentified plant near Lagoas de Bertiandos, Portugal (2).


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