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Xylaria flabelliformis NC1011 on 2% malt extract agar (MEA). Photo credit: J. M. U’Ren.
Xylaria flabelliformis NC1011 on 2% malt extract agar (MEA). Photo credit: J. M. U’Ren.

Xylaria flabelliformis NC1011 was isolated in culture from the surface-sterilized thallus of the lichen, Lecanora oreinoides, near Highlands, North Carolina as part of a study examining endophytic and endolichenic fungal communities across North America (U’Ren et al., 2012). Previous multi-locus analysis of North American xylariaceous endophytes placed NC1011 within a well-supported monophyletic clade with four X. flabelliformis (Schwein.: Fr.) Berk. & M.A. Curtis (Pezizomycotina, Sordariomycetes, Xylariales, Xylariaceae) isolates previously identified using morphological and molecular methods (U’Ren et al., 2016; see also Hsieh et al., 2010 and references therein). Isolates of X. flabelliformis (synonyms X. fusca and X. pannosa; see Ju et al., 2016) are saprotrophic on angiosperm wood in tropical, subtropical, and temperate forests across the globe (Rogers, 2000), and closely related isolates are frequently cultured in endophyte surveys of plants and lichens (U'Ren et al., 2016 and references therein). Xylaria flabelliformis NC1011 was sequenced as a part of the JGI's Community Sequencing Program (CSP 503506, Comparative and population genomics of Xylariaceae, J.M. U'Ren PI) to examine the evolution of plant-endophyte symbioses, secondary metabolite clusters, and lignocellulose degradation within this widespread and ecologically important clade.

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