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The JGI Portal Front Page

The Front Page of the JGI Portal is the jumping off point for JGI sequence analysis and access. The front page has the following components, labeled in the diagram below:

  1. The JGI header
  2. Search
  3. Advanced Options for Search
  4. Tips for the main services
  5. New Features and Highlights
  6. JGI Tools and Resources
JGI Portal Front Page

1. The JGI header

At the top of the Portal Front Page, a set of links connects the portal to other JGI resources:

  1. The "JGI Home" link goes to the DOE JGI Home Page (http://jgi.doe.gov/)
  2. "Genome Portal" links to the JGI Genome Portal Front Page(https://genome.jgi.doe.gov/)
  3. Login provides access to the JGI "Single sign-on" log-in facility.

2. Search

Please search for your Genomic Data using "Search" button.

By default the search is within "Anything" and by keyword.
If you would like to make a specific search and filter the results please click on "Advanced Search" link to open the panel with additional options.

  1. To review, track all JGI Projects, Proposals, Genome Portals, Groups or Anything, please click "Show All" button. Please select particular option in "within" drop down menu based on your interest.

  2. To search within JGI Projects, Proposals, Genome Portals, Groups or Anything, please use "Search" button. "Search for" input field should contain your query.

    • Anything

      Select within "Anything".

      This option allows to search within JGI Projects, Proposals, Genome Portals and Groups. You can simply search by any keywords to get matched results for many type of resources. Then restrict your results with filters to get a good match.
    • JGI Project Search
    • Proposal Search
    • Genome Portal Search
    • Group Search

3. Advanced Options for Search

If you are planning to get more detailed results please use filters on your search results (if they apply) such as "Funding Program", "Program Year", "Taxonomy", "Scientific Program", "Product Name".

The filters are available in the drop down panel under the link "Advanced Search"

4. Tips for the Main Services

Please find reference on

  • How to download data
  • How to search
  • How to provide/request access to the data

5. New features and highlights

The right-hand panel of the Front Page provides information about new tools and features available for the JGI Genome Portal users.

6. JGI Tools and Resources

Easy access to interactive Web-based tools for genome analysis and comparative genomics.