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Browsing through Pathways

Using KEGG, you can browse through both metabolic and regulatory pathways. The metabolic pathways are displayed initially. To browse through the enzyme nomenclature, follow the Enzyme Commission Numbers link. This takes you to Kyoto University's Enzyme EC Numbers site.

Quick Tips

  • To view regulatory pathways, click KEGG Regulatory Pathways below the page header.
  • To return to viewing metabolic pathways, click KEGG Metabolic Pathways below the page header.

From the KEGG entry page, you can view a list of enzymes involved in a given reference pathway, or you can retrieve a list of JGI-predicted genes (gene models) involved in the pathway.

Quick Tips

Metabolic Pathways Summary Table

The summary table on the home page lists the number of models available in each pathway by model set (see below).


  • The bold count lines represent the sum of models per pathway, for each model set.
  • If you selected multiple gene model sets, an additional column at the end of the table "Models in all selected model sets" shows a summary of models per pathway, for each model set.
  • To see a list of enzymes involved in each pathway, click the pathway name, or click the Models in all selected model sets number for that pathway.
  • To see the list of gene models (predicted genes related to a pathway), click a number in a "models in" column.