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Viewing Enzymes Related to a Pathway

The page heading shows the KEGG map number for the reference pathway and the name of the reference pathway. The column headings in the list of enzymes are

  • EC Number The Enzyme Commission number for the enzyme, a link to a list of pathways involving that enzyme.
  • Description A description of the enzyme's activity.
  • Database name, e.g., ciona4 The number of predicted genes in the assembly that are related to the enzyme, a link to a list of JGI-predicted genes (if any) related to the enzyme. The list is the same as a search result for the enzyme's EC number.

Quick Tips

  • To view a diagram or rendering of the reference pathway with JGI-predicted genes highlighted in red, click the MAP number.
  • To view a list of JGI-predicted genes related to one enzyme, click the number under the Database name.
  • To see what other pathways involve a specific enzyme, click its EC Number.

Enzyme Summary Table

The new version of the KEGG browser includes an enzyme summary table showing a list of enzymes in your selected pathway with the total number of models per model set (see below).


Quick Tips

  • To see all gene models associated with all enzymes in the pathway, click Model View.
  • To view the KEGG pathway map with all enzymes having at least one gene model highlighted, click View KEGG Map.
  • To see the gene models associated with specific enzymes, click a model count number.
  • If you selected multiple gene model sets, an additional column at the end of the table shows the total number of models per enzyme. To view all models associated with a particular enzyme, click the counts in this column.

Switching Pathways

When you click an EC Number to view the list of pathways involving an enzyme, you will see a list, including the pathway from which you selected the enzyme. The list shows the name of the main pathway ("Main Map") and the name of the reference pathway ("Sub Map").

Quick Tip

  • To view the enzymes related to a different reference pathway that involves the same enzyme, click the name of the pathway in the Sub Map column.