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Using KEGG Search Results

KEGG Search results are returned as a list of enzymes that contain the keyword, or the single enzyme that matches the EC number.

The data returned for a successful search includes:

  • EC number The Enzyme Commission number for the enzyme, a link to the list of genes associated with the enzyme.
  • Definition A description of the enzyme
  • Alternative Name Another name for the enzyme, if one exists.
  • Catalytic Activity The reaction catalyzed by the enzyme.
  • Cofactors Cofactors involved in the reaction, if any.
  • Associated Diseases Diseases associated with the enzyme, if any.

If you search for a keyword but no matches are found, you will see only the text "Search KEGG enzyme names for keyword:" followed by your search term.

Quick Tip

  • To see a list of JGI-predicted genes associated with one enzyme listed in a keyword search result, click its EC number.

EC number search results include the list of JGI-predicted genes associated with the enzyme, if any exist in the species of interest.

The list shows:

  • Species The name of the species and the assembly number in which the match occurs.
  • Protein ID JGI's ID number for the predicted gene, a link to the Protein page for that gene.
  • EC Number The Enzyme Commission number for the associated enzyme
  • Source The source database used to match the enzyme with the predicted gene.
  • E-value The expectation value for the match (the probability of a match occurring by chance alone).
  • Name From BLAST The name of the protein with the best BLAST alignment to the predicted protein.
  • Annotation The number of annotations for the enzyme in the JGI genome. The number is a link to the annotation area, if it is active.

Quick Tips

  • To view the Protein page for a predicted gene, click its Protein ID.
  • To view the annotation area for a predicted gene, click its Annotation number.