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Finding Gene Models Directly

You can find a JGI-predicted gene (gene model) directly from its name. To find a gene model, use only the Gene Models form:

  1. From the menu select Model Name, Protein ID, or Transcript ID.
  2. Enter a value in the text box, such as the full name of a gene model (e.g., FRUP00000149552).
  3. Click Search Models.

sample track search form

The results show:

  • Model Id the JGI database identifier for the gene model, including links to the Protein page and the Genome Browser.
  • Name JGI's name for the gene.
  • Length The length in base pairs of the gene.
  • Description A description of the gene, if one is available.


  • To view the Protein page for a gene model, click its Model Id number.
  • To view the gene model on the Genome Browser, click (GB) in the Model Id field.