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The Genome Browser

The JGI Genome Browser is a visual tool for viewing assembled genomes. The graphical display shows where JGI-predicted genes (gene models) are positioned along each scaffold, how other relevant sequences align within the scaffolds, and where repetitive sequences occur in the genome.

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The Genome Browser is divided into three components, or frames:

  1. Navigation Controls for moving within and between scaffolds (top frame).
  2. The Browser Tool Bar (The narrow left-hand frame, initially hidden)
  3. The Genome Viewer, the interactive graphical display of the scaffold and tracks (right/center frame)

Track Editing

A primary funtion of the Genome Viewer is to provide a graphical entry-point for the creation, modification, and annotation of gene models. These operations are described in Track Editing.

Uploading and Managing custom tracks

The JGI Browser allows you to upload custom tracks , including Wiggle tracks for display within the browser. The myPortal feature allows you to share these tracks with other colleagues customize their display properties.