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Uploading Custom Tracks

The JGI Genome Browser allows you to both
  • Upload your own custom tracks for display within the browser (described here).
  • Manage and share these tracks with other users using the myPortal page.
Custom tracks are uploaded by clicking Add custom tracks at the top right of the Genome Browser window.

You will then be provided with a dialog describing valid track formats.
  1. Click Browse to choose your file location.
  2. Type any Additional information in Annotation Text.
  3. Click Submit.

Quick Tip

  • The JGI Browser now supports the upload of custom Wiggle tracks which depict the value of a scalar quantity (e.g. EST coverage) as curve varying in height over the length of a scaffold or chromosome.

Once you have uploaded one or more custom tracks, your data will be stored by the JGI and can be shared and configured using the myPortal page. These tracks will appear, by default, as the top-most tracks in the browser for corresponding organisms whenever you are logged in to the JGI.

Quick Tip

  • You must be logged in using your JGI username in order to upload custom tracks.