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Searching Tracks

The Tracks area of the Simple Search lets you find information about a gene or transcript in one or more relevant tracks (a subset of the tracks available on the Genome Browser). To launch this search, you work only in the Tracks form.

  1. Select the track or tracks you want to search from the Tracks menu.
  2. Enter your query text (e.g., 15209312) in the for text box.
  3. Click Search Tracks.

sample track search form

The search will find genes and transcripts with your search text in their definition line. The data returned includes:

  • Name The name from the definition line of the gene or transcript, a link to the BLAST result page for the item.
  • Length The alignment length for the gene or transcript with the gene model.
  • Description The complete definition line for the gene or transcript.

Quick Tip

  • To see BLAST alignment results for a gene or transcript, click its Name.